Royce Gracie and Pedro Sauer camp

Our parent academy Nexus Jiu Jitsu is hosting a Royce Gracie seminar which all Docklands BJJ members are invited and encouraged to attend!  Tickets to this event in Greensborough are $150 and is absolutely the chance of a lifetime to learn directly from a legend.

Along with the seminar however the Nexus family is also booking in a group trip to go to Brazil again in the month of September to train with world renowned Pedro Sauer.  As well as being an 8th dan red-black belt, Pedro is the head of our worldwide association and is an incredible encyclopedia of knowledge.  Docklands BJJ head instructor Andrew Lai attended last year, and came back with enough new techniques and tricks to last for many years.

Contact either Phil or Andrew for further information on both the seminar and the Brazil trip.  In the meanwhile see you all on the mats!