Training schedule

Training times are as follows:

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Sessions listing:

  • Monday Gi Basics 5:45pm – 6:30pm
  • Monday Gi Advanced 6:30pm – 7:15pm
  • Tuesday Kudo training 5:45pm – 6:30pm
  • Tuesday No-gi & Kudo sparring 6:30pm – 7:15pm
  • Thursday Gi Basics 5:45pm – 6:30pm
  • Thursday Gi Advanced & Kudo sparring 6:30pm – 7:15pm
  • Sunday Advanced sparring 10am – 12:00pm (Headquarters location)


Basics Class Structure

1. Warm ups and techniques: The first part of each session begins with warm up exercises to decrease the likelihood of injuries. These are exercises specifically for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique walkthrough: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques are demonstrated, and students then pair up to practice the technique and repeat it. Up to three techniques will be demonstrated and practised.

3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique drilling: The techniques are then ‘drilled’ in specific scenarios where light resistance will be provided.


Advanced Class Structure

1. Takedown techniques: Takedown techniques will be demonstrated and practised. Up to 3-4 techniques will be stepped through.

2. Takedown sparring: Students then partner up and spar in timed rounds with the goal of using some of the recently learned techniques to take an opponent to the ground and then pin them. This part is highly supervised and coaching is provided by the instructor on the sidelines.

3. Free rolling: This involves inviting a partner to train with you to practice techniques on one another in a free form environment. The free rolling session is highly supervised, and instructors will often pause students to give pointers and offer advice. Additionally, where possible instructors will take time to try and roll with each person individually to help them with their individual style.



If you’re new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, please just wear comfortable clothing which you are willing to do heavy exercise in. For those who will be attending classes often, we do encourage you to purchase a Jiu Jitsu uniform, known as a ‘gi’. Similar to a Judo gi, a Jiu Jitsu gi is a thick white kimono garment which allows us to practice ground fighting with real clothing that will not rip.

Please talk with us if you would like to purchase a gi or any other equipment as we are now able to supply a range of top quality Jiu Jitsu brands including Koral, Vulkan and Fuji.