Announcing the Australian Jiu Jitsu Alliance

Nexus BJJ has just recently co-founded the Australian Jiu Jitsu Alliance with the Australian Elite Team and Dan Cherubin Jiu Jitsu.  Each member academy will continue to operate their schools independently however at competitions everyone will come under the one Alliance banner.

As Docklands Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is in the Nexus BJJ family of schools, this in turn means that our members will be part of Australian Jiu Jitsu Alliance.  This is very exciting news as it opens the door for our members to train with with over 200+ students in the Alliance not to mention the opportunity to learn from notable Jiu Jitsu masters such as Murat Karazendeli, Ninos Dammo and Dan Cherubin.  While much more is currently being planned, as a start regular seminars will be conducted as well as internal competitions and even training camps.

For those of us at Docklands Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we are absolutely thrilled to be part of the new Alliance.  Huge congratulations to Murat, Ninos and Dan for making it happen.  We’re all looking forward to the great new opportunities and can’t wait to train with everyone.